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The Smiling Side of the Scoreboard

Guys! I told you we could do it! Not only did we make it back to .500, we’re ABOVE .500!!!

What a beautiful day for Reds fans! We did it in style too – with a 14th inning walk-off victory courtesy of Joey Votto. How cute was he in his post-game interview with Pic? When asked how he felt about playing such a long game, he responded saying, “We’re playing baseball, man!”

Man love alert.

As always, GO REDS!

Walkin’ Off

Could it be? Is this the beginning of that elusive run we’ve been waiting for all season? Ladies and Gentlemen, your Cincinnati Reds have won two games in a row. Furthermore, they have won a series. Did I mention it was on ESPN? Oh right, and that it was a walk-off win? Do I need to mention that? It looks like things are starting to come together.

Yes, apparently (albeit unfortunately) sacrificing Zack Cozart to the baseball gods might have been the ticket. After that 11-run game last night was completely devoid of home runs, we ended up making up for it tonight with some clutch hitting and a 2010-esque walk-off comeback. We are now three games out of first place, and it feels good. This was a beautiful night for Reds fans, and I really hope we can keep this going.

Tomorrow, we begin a 4-game series against the Mets. I think I can say with complete conviction that we’re ready for them. We have Leake and Cueto pitching for the next two games, which might as well say it all. This is gonna be great, guys.

As always, GO REDS!!


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