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TwitterWatch: @DatDudeBP

Brandon Phillips is always hilarious and entertaining, but few things make us laugh harder than his Twitter updates. Here are some of our favorites:

- My teammates ask me if I knew where some good places 2 eat at in St. Louis! I said, “Yea, come with me 2 the store 2 get some Lunchables!”

- New day for the RedLegs! So let’s get this W so we can act a fool on the plane! Drinks on me! Y’all got da Grey Goose & I got Milk!

- I just looked out my window & its pitch black outside rite now! What if I went streaking? Do u think anyone would see me? Damn, I’m trippin!

-My teammates made a poll for me! LOL… So, we need your help!!! Question is: Should I wear my pants UP or DOWN? Majority are saying down


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