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The ballot for the All-Star Game is finally became available the other day! We just wanted to remind everyone to vote Reds! You can vote a total of 25 times per email address, so let’s make sure that Joey Votto and all the other guys get there on the first try this year!

1B – Joey Votto
2B – Brandon Phillips
SS – Paul Janish
3B – Scott Rolen
C – Ramon Hernandez
OF – Jay Bruce
OF – Jonny Gomes
OF – Drew Stubbs

Access the ballot here!

You Don’t Mess With Texas

We always love to learn new and exciting things about our favorite baseball players, therefore we spend a lot of our infinite free time attempting to discover as much as we can about our Redlegs’ personal lives. One day, while on a quest to find out what Drew Stubbs’ favorite food is, the Rockin’ Redlegs crew discovered that an abnormal amount of our beloved Reds are from the great state of Texas. In fact, on any given day, over one-third of the Reds starting lineup could consist of  Texans. While we have only been to Texas once when we were children, we’re thinking about going back to scope out what it is about Texas that creates such great Reds. So, here’s a spotlight on all of the members of this great organization who call Texas their birthplace.

Homer Bailey

If anything says “Texas,” it is Homer Bailey in a cowboy hat holding a deer head by the antlers. Homer is from La Grange, Texas, which is located in eastern Texas near the Colorado River. And now, any time we hear ZZ Top’s “La Grange,” we can’t help but think of Homer.

Jay Bruce

Who knew this little Texan would grow up to be one of the biggest baseball stars this side of the Ohio River? Jay grew up in Beaumont which is located about as far east in Texas as you can get. We think we can safely say that all of Cincinnati is thankful for Beaumont, Texas for giving us such an amazing player!

Paul Janish

If you’ve been to a Reds game lately, it is not hard to tell from Paul’s at-bat song that he is a proud Texan. Pictured here with his mom, Debbie, Paul was born in Houston and attended Rice University before joining the Reds organization. Paul has really come into his own as our regular starting shortstop this season and we’re really excited to see his career continue to grow. We see a Gold Glove in Paul’s future!

Logan Ondrusek

Logan Ondrusek is the real-life testament to the cliche, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Shiner, Texas gave us an incredible gift in 6’8″ Logan Ondrusek, who helped to solidify the Reds bullpen in 2010. He continues to make us proud in the 2011 season with his stellar 7-2 career record. We think big big Logan is just great.

Drew Stubbs

Atlanta, Texas is the great city that gave us the fastest baserunner Cincinnati has seen since Ryan Freel (who was also #6, coincidence?) as well as someone who may end up to be the greatest centerfielder in recent history. Stubby is not only the anchor of our incredible outfield, but he’s also in the running for cutest Red (although Tina’s heart will forever belong to Jay Bruce). This Texan has the unstoppable combination of speed, power, and debonair that we just can’t get over.

So, thank you, Texas, for being such a wonderful place. Without you, we might never have had such incredible guys playing for our Redlegs!

Top 5: Nicknames that Don’t Exist (But Should)

Major League Baseball has given us some of the most awesome nicknames in history: The Great Bambino, Charlie Hustle, and The Freak, just to name a few. Unfortunately, Cincinnati seems to have a dearth of nicknames. CoCo and the Cuban Missile are the only ones that really come to mind. But, in our years as Reds fans, we’ve come up with a few nicknames that we’d love to hear our favorite players answer to.

5. Scott “Scooter” Rolen

We here at Rockin’ Redlegs absolutely adore Scott Rolen. He’s, in our opinion, our best veteran and an excellent third baseman. One of the things we love most about Scott is that he’s got a certain look about him – one that can only be described as childlike. Frankly – and we mean this in the best possible way – Scott looks like a little kid. He’s so cute, that for some reason, we want to make him sound a little kid. We definitely see a new nickname in Scott’s future.

We love you, Scooter

4. Ryan “The Coyote” Hanigan

Ryan Hanigan is a great catcher who has had a hell of a start to this 2011 season. The pitchers trust him and he’s always hustling. Ryan’s attitude, as well as his look behind the plate evokes the image of a coyote on the prowl, constantly looking for his next strike. His intensity reminds us of a natural predator, and we think that The Coyote is an accurate descriptor of Hanigan’s style.

3. Jonny Gomes: The Chuck Norris of Cincinnati

Jonny Gomes is as tough as they come. Whether he’s beating guys up in an on-the-field brawl, making incredible catches in Left Field, mackin’ on his gumbacco, or just showing off his amazing hair, Jonny Gomes can do anything. It’s been said that he can cut down a mountain with his bare hands, and we’re pretty sure that some of his hits have actually flown by the window of the International Space Station. In fact, Jonny Gomes doesn’t hit home runs – the balls run away from his bat.

Don’t look him directly in the eyes or you’ll go blind.

2. Joey “The Bat” Votto

Being Italian comes with a great responsibility – deciding what your nickname would be if you ever got involved with the Mafia. Joey “The Bat” Votto sounds like someone who would not only be an MVP slugger, but someone who would also break your legs with a Louisville Slugger if you owed him money.

Joey “The Bat” Votto: Cincinnati’s Wiseguy

1. Paul “Goose” Janish

You know how sometimes, you want to give someone a nickname for no particular reason? That is how we feel about Paul “Goose” Janish. Maybe it’s the way he seems to take flight when a grounder comes at him, or maybe it’s the way his stubble makes half of his face change color, like a goose. Perhaps it’s because his constant game heroics remind us of Goose from Top Gun. Who knows why, but Goose seems like the perfect nickname for Paul and we have officially begun campaign Goose.

His nickname is Goose. Accept it and move on.


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