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And So It Begins…

Not two hours ago, I wrote about the Reds-Cardinals rivalry and how intense this series will be. It looks like Cardinals fans are already running their mouths and their photoshop to make a statement about Mike Leake.

The difference between Reds fans and Cardinals fans is simple: class. We all know these two teams don’t like each other, but the most important thing is that these teams act like good sportsmen and put all animosity into playing the game hard. This, apparently, is something that Cardinals fans aren’t capable of doing. It’s true – last season, Brandon Phillips ran his mouth to the press about the Cardinals which caused the famous fight of 2010. What Yadier Molina chose to do in that situation was bring personal issues onto the field and manifest them in a physically violent way and that is one of the best examples of unsportsmanlike conduct I could imagine.

They’re at it again, making a mockery of Mike Leake’s situation. I am appalled at the lack of respect and class these fans have for someone who clearly got himself into something that could happen to anyone (and, if the newest reports are true, something that is a total mistake).

Apparently, this is only the first shirt in a series.

Brandon Phillips was right. “They’re little bitches. All of them.”

We’re coming for you, St. Lousy.

Game Notes, Leake, and St. Louis Preview

REDS WIN! Finally, after four straight losses our boys in red managed to bring home a 7-4 victory over the D’Backs on Thursday. Thanks to a solo home run by Joey Votto, some fortunate walks, RBIs brought in by Hernandez and Janish, and some great defensive plays, especially by Phillips and Gomes, we finally saw the guys play sort of like they played in the beginning of the season. Lately, we’ve been seeing a little bit of a lack of emotion with our guys, and although I’m not sure why, I think the fans have a lot to do with it. In the past two games I’ve attended (yesterday and today) there was a world of difference between the energy at GABP.

Mike Leake, Cincinnati’s own Charlie-Sheeneqsue Wild Thing, pitched beautifully today. Although I would have liked to have seen more K’s, Leake allowed 3 runs in 7 innings, keeping the D’Backs down and giving our offense a chance to shine. Is it a coincidence that the last game the Reds won was also pitched by Leake? Clearly, this kid is talented and thankfully, the fans were mostly able to keep their opinions about his personal life and his pitching talent separate.

The Reds leave tonight for a six day road trip beginning with our division rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals, then to Milwaukee to face the Brew Crew. The Reds and the Cardinals have one of the most intense rivalries in the National League and there is a lot of speculation as to how the mood between the two teams will be, especially since last season’s comments by Brandon Phillips which caused the two teams to get into a brawl in August, and by the incorrect reports of Jonny Gomes’ attitude toward Adam Wainwright in Spring Training. Rivalries like this one are among the most exciting in Major League Baseball and with the Reds and the Cards being currently tied for first place, this will be an awesome series to watch.  Tomorrow, we’ll see our starter with the most strikeouts and the highest ERA, Edinson Volquez, face Kyle McClellan in a game that will surely be as emotionally charged and intense as they come.

Mike Leake: Five-Finger Discount?

Mike Leake is one of the greatest pitchers in recent Cincinnati Reds history. He never spent a day in the minor leagues and has a 4.23  ERA with 91 strikeouts in his career. He is one of Angie’s favorite players on the team and she refers to him as her boyfriend. He’s young, cute, and talented. And also, apparently, a thief.

Around 2:30 p.m. on April 18, 2011, Leake was arrested for shoplifting $59.88 worth of merchandise from the downtown Cincinnati Macy’s store location. There are many opinions on many different aspects of this situation, and we here at Rockin’ Redlegs would like to offer our official opinion.

First and foremost, Mike Leake’s personal life has very little to do with his incredible talent as a pitcher. We don’t think that his talent and ability should be discounted based on this unfortunate incident.

Mike is Tina’s age, and as Tina can very confidently tell you, there are a lot of things that happen at that age that should never be known by anyone. Mike is young and, therefore, stupid. We here at Rockin’ Redlegs are also young, and therefore stupid. It’s just how things work. Because Leake is a famous hometown hero, not to mention a millionaire, his mistakes are under more scrutiny and available to a wider audience. While we are not condoning theft or Leake’s actions and would never want to make excuses, we think that everyone is being a little too hard on Mike. We don’t need to tell anyone that celebrities, no matter how big or small, are not infallible. Mike made a very regretful and unfortunate mistake and he is taking his punishment and hopefully regrets what happened.

So why did he do it? In reference to Tina’s favorite movie, Bull Durham, maybe Mike spent all his money on a Porsche – a 944 with A.C. and a quadraphonic Blaupunkt like Nuke LaLoosh. Maybe he got mixed up with some golddigging harlot who took advantage of him and spent all of his money. This would all be fine and good if he had not been carrying two Mastercards and $250 in cash on him at the time of the incident. I would like to take this moment to say that kleptomania is a very serious mental illness that gives someone a satisfaction after stealing, and if this is what Mike Leake is dealing with, he should not be ridiculed, but instead offered help, support, and understanding from Cincinnati. More likely than not, however, is that he was just being young and stupid. Mike messed up and made a mistake.

Now, here is something that the Rockin’ Redlegs statement about Mike Leake has that not many others do. Tina has been a Sales Associate at three different Macy’s locations in the Greater Cincinnati area, and here is how things work there. There is a person in the Loss Prevention department who keeps track of all of the cameras in the store. However, I’d say that about 90% of the time, the Sales Associates are the ones who call Loss Prevention on a suspected shoplifter. For each shoplifter prosecuted, the associate receives some kind of reward, whether it be a cash percentage of the total amount of items shoplifted, or Macy’s Money, which is similar to a gift certificate and is only redeemable by Macy’s employees. I may be putting my future employment as a Macy’s associate at risk by making this statement, but if I were the one who saw Leake shoplifting, I would have very discreetly approached him and said something to the effect of, “Mr. Leake, I see what you are doing. I’m a big Reds fan and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you or the ballclub, so you have two options: You can either pay for the items or leave them and this will just be between us. Otherwise, I am going to have to let the proper authorities know what I saw.” What I’m saying is that basically, if the associate had a little compassion and understanding instead of the need for reward and recognition, this situation might not have happened.

Regardless of this situation, I will be taking our brother to the Reds game on Thursday for his birthday and I will be honored to watch Mike Leake pitch this game. I hope that he demonstrates nothing but class and grace under pressure and I pray that our community will be able to put Mike’s personal issues aside and support him as a crucial member of this baseball team. After all, he is innocent until proven guilty and I will be very heartbroken and disappointed if Leake is greeted with anything but support and positive encouragement. Our entire team did not shoplift from Macy’s – only one person.

I refuse to post Mike’s humiliating mugshot on this post – he deserves to maintain some dignity.


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