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Reds Meme of the Day

Yesterday, we introduced our first in a series of Reds memes. If you don’t know what a meme is, Google it.

The game is going on right now and the Redlegs are looking strong so far. Here’s our meme of the day – hopefully, by the end of the game, I’ll look foolish for posting it.


Top 5: Commercials that Need to Go Away

At the beginning of each baseball season, everything is new and exciting, especially the commercials played on FSOhio during the games. After all, who can forget JTM’s epic musical featuring Bronson Arroyo, Chris Welsh, and a single tear?

This season has been one where you never know what you can expect from the Reds. Some of these games have been so dismal that you’d rather watch the commercials than the actual game. Here are Rockin’ Redlegs Top 5 picks for commercials that are overplayed, annoying, or just need to go away.

5. Miller High Life Supports the Troops

I’m all about supporting the troops and veterans, and this is a really good thing that Miller High Life is doing. But if I have to hear that delivery guy shouting about bottle caps and pull tabs one more time at an unidentified sporting event, I’m going to go crazy. The worst part is that awkward dude sitting next to the delivery guy at the very end of the commercial. It makes me so uncomfortable every time.

4. Leinenkugel’s Tribute to Cincinnati

At first, I loved this commercial. I thought, “Hey, that’s awesome! They love the Reds and know about Cincinnati things all the way out there in Chippewa, Wisconsin!” But, after hearing that guy say “foontain squair,” “Moont Lookoot,” and “Moont Adams” a million times, I’m ready for that commercial to be pulled off the air completely.

3. The JTM Chef

We get it. JTM offers quality food solutions for my restaurant, school, or military. The problem is that there is a pretty small market for that – I don’t own a restaurant, school, or military branch. And, out of all the people I do know, only one person actually does own one of those things. Maybe I’d feel differently if the JTM chef were a jacked 6’4″ guy cooking with his shirt off, or if Ramon Hernandez popped in at the end there and ate the food. That’s not the case.

2. Jay Bruce’s Penn Station Commercials

Just buy him some subs!

Speaking of Cincinnati Reds eating food in commercials, I searched high and low to find a video of Penn Station’s most recent genius ad campaign, but unfortunately came up with nothing. For those who haven’t seen it (and I’m sure you have,) there is a series of commercials featuring Jay Bruce awkwardly eating, pimping, and creepily smiling  about Penn Station’s delicious East Coast subs. His generic red ringer tee that simply says, “CINCINNATI” is the icing on top of the awkward cake.

1. Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries

These Elk and Elk guys are everywhere, and I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love their combovers and I’m sure they’re very competent attorneys, but they also are fuel for my nightmares.

So are there any honorable mentions I’m forgetting?

Coming Back

Last night’s game was exactly the type of game that we should expect from the “Comeback Kids.” Jay Bruce’s three-run homer brought the Reds to a 5-3 comeback victory last night, putting the Reds three games out of .500, 10 games out of first place, and in sole possession of that third place spot in the NL Central standings. Oh, and the Reds outscored the Bengals last night. More proof that baseball reigns supreme.

Can I get a “BRUUUUUUUCE”?

The Reds now are in a three-game winning streak, and wins are wins no matter how small. You never know what can happen this late in the season, so it’s important to keep your spirits up and keep supporting our guys in red! I like the way the Reds have been playing lately, and hopefully they’ll work on finishing strong. Besides, wouldn’t claiming the Central so late in the season be the ultimate comeback? We think so.

In other news, Cozart underwent Tommy John surgery yesterday, and Dr. Tim Kremchek claims that he should be back to 100% by December. We’re looking forward to seeing what Zach can do in 2012. Yesterday was also Zach’s birthday, so hopefully Dusty got him a good present since he had to get surgery on his birthday!

Maybe this My Little Pony Stormtrooper.

Our pal, Brandon Phillips has been out for a couple of days after being hit by a pitch, but managed to score as a pinch runner on Bruce’s homer last night. We are hoping for a speedy recovery and that he can be back soon (although we’ve won the past three games without him so maybe he should take his time?) We’re kidding, of course.

Get well soon, shawty!

Well, we think that’s about it for now in Reds Country. Homer Bailey will take the mound against the Padres tonight at 7:10, and we think you should all go out to the game and support our guys. They’re giving away the Reds Relief Pitcher sponsored by Coca Cola, so head down to the yard tonight!

Reds Relief Pitcher

As always, GO REDS!

Rockin’ the Rockies

The Redlegs split the Rockies series! Yay! Johnny Cueto pitched lights out, Coco now has more saves than Goose Gossage, Bruce can hit, Joey can catch, and Dusty has 300 career wins! We’re now 4 games below .500, so we should get there in no time! Not to mention, we’re now tied for third! See, Reds fans? Things aren’t looking too dismal!

Except for these guys. Apparently, they are trapped and being held hostage, but they’re still alive. Seems like a weird way to try and inform the public of their capture, especially if they have cell phone access. Maybe they should inform the proper authorities.

As always, GO REDS!


The ballot for the All-Star Game is finally became available the other day! We just wanted to remind everyone to vote Reds! You can vote a total of 25 times per email address, so let’s make sure that Joey Votto and all the other guys get there on the first try this year!

1B – Joey Votto
2B – Brandon Phillips
SS – Paul Janish
3B – Scott Rolen
C – Ramon Hernandez
OF – Jay Bruce
OF – Jonny Gomes
OF – Drew Stubbs

Access the ballot here!

You Don’t Mess With Texas

We always love to learn new and exciting things about our favorite baseball players, therefore we spend a lot of our infinite free time attempting to discover as much as we can about our Redlegs’ personal lives. One day, while on a quest to find out what Drew Stubbs’ favorite food is, the Rockin’ Redlegs crew discovered that an abnormal amount of our beloved Reds are from the great state of Texas. In fact, on any given day, over one-third of the Reds starting lineup could consist of  Texans. While we have only been to Texas once when we were children, we’re thinking about going back to scope out what it is about Texas that creates such great Reds. So, here’s a spotlight on all of the members of this great organization who call Texas their birthplace.

Homer Bailey

If anything says “Texas,” it is Homer Bailey in a cowboy hat holding a deer head by the antlers. Homer is from La Grange, Texas, which is located in eastern Texas near the Colorado River. And now, any time we hear ZZ Top’s “La Grange,” we can’t help but think of Homer.

Jay Bruce

Who knew this little Texan would grow up to be one of the biggest baseball stars this side of the Ohio River? Jay grew up in Beaumont which is located about as far east in Texas as you can get. We think we can safely say that all of Cincinnati is thankful for Beaumont, Texas for giving us such an amazing player!

Paul Janish

If you’ve been to a Reds game lately, it is not hard to tell from Paul’s at-bat song that he is a proud Texan. Pictured here with his mom, Debbie, Paul was born in Houston and attended Rice University before joining the Reds organization. Paul has really come into his own as our regular starting shortstop this season and we’re really excited to see his career continue to grow. We see a Gold Glove in Paul’s future!

Logan Ondrusek

Logan Ondrusek is the real-life testament to the cliche, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Shiner, Texas gave us an incredible gift in 6’8″ Logan Ondrusek, who helped to solidify the Reds bullpen in 2010. He continues to make us proud in the 2011 season with his stellar 7-2 career record. We think big big Logan is just great.

Drew Stubbs

Atlanta, Texas is the great city that gave us the fastest baserunner Cincinnati has seen since Ryan Freel (who was also #6, coincidence?) as well as someone who may end up to be the greatest centerfielder in recent history. Stubby is not only the anchor of our incredible outfield, but he’s also in the running for cutest Red (although Tina’s heart will forever belong to Jay Bruce). This Texan has the unstoppable combination of speed, power, and debonair that we just can’t get over.

So, thank you, Texas, for being such a wonderful place. Without you, we might never have had such incredible guys playing for our Redlegs!


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