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Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse…

Oh man. What a terrible sight last night’s game was. Here are some observations:

1. Mat Latos is not a horrible pitcher. The Latos trade was not a mistake or a waste of players. Mat is 24 years old who has had three outings as a Cincinnati Red so far. It appears he does have a little case of the Volquezes in that he gives up a lot of runs early before getting into a groove, but it is way too early to give up on him because, HELLO HE’S ONLY PITCHED THREE GAMES.

2. Brandon Phillips is not feeling well. He’s got a hammy that seems to be malfunctioning. He’s only playing at about 60%, and it shows. Dusty needs to just keep him out for a while longer, because honestly, he’s not doing anything for us right now anyway. Let him get back to 100%. With all that money we just spent on him, we have no business trying to push him before he’s ready because in the long run, that can only do more harm than good.

3. Why aren’t our hitters HITTING? We have a team of great hitters – what’s changed? Two theories: 1. They all have mononucleosis. 2. Someone found a spider in the bag of bats and all of the players now have the heebie jeebies.

4. I don’t remember the last time I saw the bullpen being managed so incoherently. Why isn’t Chapman pitching? Dusty’s excuse for not sending Chapman in on Tuesday night was because he pitched three days ago. Instead, he sends out LeCure and Bray. Who pitched yesterday? LeCure and Bray. If Dusty keeps trying to “save” Chapman, Chapman is never going to get a chance to pitch. Our bullpen is already exhausted and Dusty needs to be using every possible resource at this point.

It’s only been 12 games. It’s not time for the fire sale yet (although the Fox Sports Ohio Ticket Office Takeover sure feels like one), but this team needs to get into shape fast because I don’t know how much longer the fans will give them. The natives are getting restless, so to speak.

Oh, and a word on Reds fans attacking our girl, Dallas Latos, she’s still exponentially hotter than you so shut the hell up.

There’s a cute animal to get you all smiling today. It’s not as bad as it seems, Reds fans.

Rockin’ the Rockies

The Redlegs split the Rockies series! Yay! Johnny Cueto pitched lights out, Coco now has more saves than Goose Gossage, Bruce can hit, Joey can catch, and Dusty has 300 career wins! We’re now 4 games below .500, so we should get there in no time! Not to mention, we’re now tied for third! See, Reds fans? Things aren’t looking too dismal!

Except for these guys. Apparently, they are trapped and being held hostage, but they’re still alive. Seems like a weird way to try and inform the public of their capture, especially if they have cell phone access. Maybe they should inform the proper authorities.

As always, GO REDS!

“If you can hear me, touch your butt.”

Tuesday was not an awesome day for the Reds. The Reds fell in an 8-6 loss to the New York Mets, and they lost a teammate in Jonny Gomes who got traded to the Washington Nationals. Despite things not being so great for the Reds, it was an absolutely amazing day for the Rockin’ Redlegs crew. One of the most wonderful ladies on the planet, Lisa Braun, hooked us up royally and helped to provide us with our most incredible ballpark experience to date.

We arrived at the ballpark around 4:30 and met Lisa at the team offices who proceeded to give us the grand tour of the cathedral we’ve frequented many times in our lives. This time, however, she showed us all of the behind-the-scenes places we didn’t even know existed. We toured the team offices, the suites, and the concourse before entering the belly of the beast, so to speak. Lisa showed us the entrance to the Reds’ clubhouse, but we weren’t allowed to go inside because we are girls. I guess they were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to contain ourselves at the prospect of seeing Joey Votto’s booty.

No Girls Allowed!

From there, Lisa brought us through the Umpire’s Suite/Star Dressing Room, through the visitors’ dugout, and onto the field. It was our first time ever stepping foot on a Major League baseball field and, boy, was it cool. We stood there and watched our favorite players taking practice swings. We also took about a thousand pictures of Dusty Baker’s rear end. On second thought, maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to keep the Rockin’ Redlegs ladies out of the clubhouse.

One of many.

After meeting Jim Kelch, we took quite a few pics of some of the greatest baseball players of our time at batting practice.

Lisa also thought it would be important to introduce us to a really nice guy named Nick. He asked us a few questions about who we are and what we do, before revealing his true identity (and offering a few death threats.)  Ladies and Gentlemen, Nick is the man behind the red fur. Yes, we met the face behind one of Rockin’ Redlegs (previously) most loathed creatures – Gapper. Nick is actually a really superb human being – he’s funny, nice, and extremely personable. After assuring him that our dislike for Gapper was certainly tongue-in-cheek and had nothing to do with him personally, I think we might have won him over, and vice versa. More to come on Gapper.

Our buddy Jamie Ramsey of Better Off Red came down to say hey (on his birthday!) and it was really good to see him again. It’s always a good time with Jamie.

Out of the corner of our eyes, we spotted a familiar face. We spotted him from afar, waved, and it was like not a moment had passed. After flirting with a debbie -

Brandon stopped on over to say hey. We caught up with him for a bit and told him that we planned on taking him out to dinner very soon. He joked around with us, and it felt like old times.

Reunited and it feels so good!

Jamie also brought over one of our favorite (former) Reds, Jonny Gomes.

Jonny’s last official act as a Red – hangin’ with the Rockin’ Redlegs ladies! Good luck in Washington, Jonny! We’ll miss you a ton!

Just like that, batting practice was over and the Mets took the field. Lisa offered to take us to the Reds Hall of Fame (where we had never been before) and we relished in reliving all of the greatest moments of Reds history.

Here’s Angie with the Great Eight.

After the Hall of Fame, it was almost time for the game. After many thank-you’s, we parted ways with our absolutely fabulous hostess and headed to our seats in the Budweiser Thirst Row, from where we watched an awesome game (even though they lost.) We were so close to my boy, Jay Bruce, we could almost smell him. Angie and I were wondering if Jay could hear us talking from where we were sitting – hence the name of this post. Guys, Jay did not touch his butt, so I guess he couldn’t hear us.

Come on, do it Jay!

Around the fifth inning, the Rockin’ Redlegs crew were treated to a special guest. Yes, it took a minute to feel comfortable with him, but I think our boy Gapper deserves a redemption. Actually, Gapper and I are on more-than-a-first-name-basis (if you know what I mean.)

He’s actually not bad once you get to know him!

Ultimately, the Reds lost to the Mets, but the memories and experiences we had that day with Lisa, Jamie, Jonny, Brandon, Jim, and of course, Gapper will be with us for a long time and we couldn’t be happier that we got to have this opportunity. We now see Great American Ballpark, the people behind it, and the players in a different light and we are so fortunate to have gotten to participate in such an awesome day.

As always, GO REDS!

Some very happy bloggers!

Friday Finds

As the three game series approaches in St. Louis, we’ve been looking for something captivating to post to get Reds fans fired up for the weekend. While videos of the fight were in the running, we instead decided to post something funny and uplifting we found to prove to everyone that what happened last season is in the past and now we’re ready to take on the Cardinals and bring victory to Cincinnati. So, instead of focusing on their team, we are posting a video we found on YouTube that reminds us of our stellar 2010 season and what great players we have in this Cincinnati Reds organization.

So, without further ado, here is the hilarious and entertaining ode to Scooter – “Proud Dusty (Rolen on the River)” thanks to


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