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Get Well Soon, Scooter

We here at Rockin’ Redlegs are deeply committed to making sure the Cincinnati Reds players know how much we care about them. So, we’ve concocted a get-well-soon card to Scott Rolen, who is currently on the 15 day DL for a bad shoulder. Here are some photos:

This is the front of the card. We are clearly very artistically talented.

The inside message, wishing Scooter a speedy recovery and begging for autographed photos.

[Photo removed due to parental concern that our address being on the internet will draw all of the ax murderers in Cincinnati]
Our self-addressed stamped envelope. The stamp is forthcoming.

We wrote rough drafts of the inside. Angie decided to channel a six-year-old in her rough draft.

Tinas’s rough draft went a different way. In jest, of course!

We love you, Scott Rolen! Get better soon and fast!


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