Spring Training, Baseball Movies, and #JoeyVotto

Hi Guys! Welcome back from your lunch break! I don’t have a whole lot of time to chat today, but I just wanted to check in and say hello.

Spring Training – yes, the games don’t count, and are typically not indicative of what’s going to happen in the season to come, but I wasn’t the only one hoping we’d win at least one game against the Indians, right? Side note: it alarmed me when I heard Marty and the Cowboy call Drew Stubbs’ name for the other guys. That’s going to take some getting used to.

#JoeyVotto – everyone is doing an excellent job at getting Joey Votto’s name out there! It’s a little too soon, but I get the feeling that he is going to be the Face of MLB this year. In general, Reds fans are the best fans, but we’re especially good at this social media stuff. And seriously guys, some of the stuff we’ve all been tweeting is HILARIOUS. Comedy gold.

Baseball Movies – I found this little listicle on Buzzfeed this afternoon. Enjoy: 29 Reasons Why Baseball Movies Are the Best.

It certainly is hard not to be romantic about baseball.

Ok, that’s all for me for now! I hope you’re all having a fantastic day and that your Monday isn’t too horrible. Also, the weather is supposed to be really nice today! Go outside and do something! Drink alcohol on a porch, go for a hike, or read on the grass! (These are all things I’m planning to do today.) I’m procrastinating getting back to work. I totally am. Ok, leaving now.


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