2013 #RedsCaravan

It never ceases to amaze me what an amazing job the Reds organization does at ensuring that Reds fans are never without  their beloved Reds in the offseason. This occurred to me while considering what to write about the Reds Caravan, which kicks off today. I was going to write, “It’s time again for one of my favorite offseason events, the Reds Caravan da da da da da da da!!!!” That’s when I realize that every time I write about an event between the months of October and April (or Spring Training at the very least), I refer to it as “one of my favorite offseason events.” So, it’s safe to say that all of the offseason events are my favorites, and that’s all I have to say about that.

ANYWAY, happy Thursday and happy Reds Caravan weekend! It makes me sad to say that for the first time in four years, I won’t be attending the Athens stop of the Northern Tour – which, if my friends Jamie Ramsey, Brandon Phillips, and Marty Brennaman are to be believed, has been dubbed the “Rock Star Tour.” Just my luck, huh? But, as with all great things in life, we must move on if we wish to grow and while I’ve certainly moved on from college life at Ohio University, I’m still not completely over having to move on from its associated Reds Caravan stop. No worries, though! There will be two suitable substitutes at the Market on State in Athens, Ohio this evening – the other members of the Rockin’ Redlegs crew – our co-creator Angie and our Art Director Mike. (Which, by the way, who else isn’t sure I’m getting my money’s worth with those other two’s titles? I haven’t seen an original piece of art on Rockin’ Redlegs in months and I’m pretty sure the last post Angie helped with was the one that says “Hi,  we’re Tina and Angie and we’re starting a Reds blog!”) No matter – they have the chance to redeem themselves tonight by taking a lot of pictures and giving Brandon and Jamie giant bear hugs for me. Angie and Mike, this is your audition to get another title tacked onto your already decorated names: Field Reporter. It comes with no raise and more responsibility. Don’t screw it up.

As for me, I’ll be attending two stops from two different legs of the tour. We’re heading down to GABP on Saturday morning for the Select-A-Seat event of the Southern Tour, where we’ll pick out our season ticket package, and be entertained by the likes of Todd Frazier, Jeff Brantley, and Rosie Red. And some kid I’ve never heard of named Billy something – anyone wanna help me out here?

On Sunday morning, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy tailed (but more than likely, hungover) anxiously awaiting the love of my life on the Western Tour in Hamilton, Ohio. Ladies and gentlemen, mark it down in your calendars, because Sunday will mark the day I profess my undying love and admiration for Homer Bailey. I have an elaborate proposal planned that involves using camouflage, wild turkey feathers, and some very sturdy rope. It is here that I will whisk Homer Bailey away to start a new life together on Ted Nugent’s farm. And, if my plan is somehow thwarted by the powers that be, I guess I will settle for an autograph. Corky Miller, Thom Brennaman, Walt Jocketty, Ryan LaMarre, and Phil Castellini will comprise the wedding party, and Mr. Redlegs will act as officiant.

As always with the Reds Caravan, if you’re at any of these stops and want to say hey, throw a tweet our way (@rockinredlegs – have y’all followed us on Twitter yet?) We’ll make sure to post pictures and tweets all along the way!

You can find the full schedule and roster for the Reds Caravan here.


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