Giving Thanks

Well gang, Turkey day is right around the corner! While everyone is busy getting drunk, eating turkey, and watching The National Dog Show, I mean, er, football, it is important to take the time to think about what you have been most thankful for this past year. 

ImageWell, you know, aside from The National Dog Show.

So, for the next days up until Thanksgiving, we’ll be posting what we’ve been most thankful for in 2012 Reds season. Feel free to post what you’re most thankful for in the comments, because it’s great to show a little gratitude every now and again, especially around the holidays.

We’ll start this fun new series with a pretty obvious one. Today, we are thankful for our 2012 Championship title, and furthermore two National League Central Division titles in three years. The Reds went a while without any limelight, and in 2010, we exploded onto the scene and put up one of the most exciting division races I’ve seen in my lifetime. (I can’t still be the only one romanticizing 2010, can I?)

Winning the title this year has only further proven that the Reds are contenders and can be in this for the long haul. I know there are a lot of people out there who have plenty to say about what we could have done differently. I also know that our team this year played their hearts out, and made this season so fun to watch. So, with less than a week to Thanksgiving, I want you all to reflect on the feeling of our team making it to the playoffs in 2012. Yes, things could have gone differently in the postseason, but at least there was a postseason to speak of. A lot of other teams weren’t so lucky. 

BONUS BLESSING: Speaking of other teams who weren’t so lucky to make it to the playoffs, I want to take this minute to say that I’m thankful for the Cubs rallying to beat the Cardinals in the 11th inning on September 21st, allowing the Reds to clinch at home the next day. That was awesome. Thank you, Cubs (but only just this once).

Don’t forget to tell us what you’re thankful for this year! Oh, and also don’t forget to buy your turkeys or else you’ll be left with the crappy, freezer-burned ones at the bottom of the cooler at the grocery store on Wednesday night. Please don’t make your family members have to compliment your turkey (LIES) and then text each other at the dinner table about how they’d rather be eating the turkey from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

ImageNobody wants to be Clark Griswold.

Ok, enough silliness. I know you’re probably just reading this to procrastinate your way to the weekend, but GET BACK TO WORK.



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