Reds Hot Stove League

Guys, let me tell you about something fantastic I discovered last night. Since yesterday was Election Day, I happened to be off work because my workplace is cooler than yours. So, my parents and I decided to plan a day of fun (with my parents because all my friends had to work and I don’t have a boyfriend LOL #foreveralone). We started out the day by going to breakfast, then we went golfing (where I had the second-best golf game of my life, YEAH!), then we decided to roll down to The Banks to have a couple of drinks and some dinner at Moerlein Lager House. From Moerlein, I could see the ballpark, in all it’s empty and sad offseason glory.

Anyway, after we were finished at Moerlein, we decided to hoof it up to Holy Grail. This is where we discovered, much to our delight and surprise, the REDS HOT STOVE LEAGUE. It ruled. Marty was there! Thom was there! Jim Kelch was there! Jamie was there! And…..Gapper was there! And they were talking baseball and Todd Frazier was on the phone, and my dad asked a question (I think about Billy Hamilton???) and it was so much fun.

And the best part? They’re at Holy Grail every Tuesday during the offseason from 6-7 (except Christmas, duh), so if you guys missed it yesterday, there will be more! I know that I’m definitely going to try to make a habit of hanging around the Reds Hot Stove League, and you guys should too. It’s a great broadcast at a fun location with cool people, and, HELLO, they’re talking about baseball when there are still like 97ish days left to Spring Training. It definitely helps to make the offseason a little more bearable. So, if you can, come to Holy Grail next Tuesday (and/or every Tuesday after that). I’ll try to be there as much as possible so you can have the chance to canoodle with me (don’t line up all at once, guys!) and other folks from the Reds organization that we love so much.

Anyway, here’s the website complete with an adorable shot of Marty.


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