NLDS Game 3 (#RedsOctober)

Guys, I feel like the luckiest girl alive. Today, as soon as I get off work, I’m heading downtown with my dad to imbibe before attending GAME THREE OF THE NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISION SERIES. I’m so excited I could cry. As if the fact that the Reds are currently leading the series 2-0 and are going for the sweep tonight isn’t enough, there are three things that really stand out to me that will make this night incredible:

1. Nick Lachey is singing the National Anthem.


I am praying to the Lord that Nick Lachey shows up looking like this. He probably won’t, but the idea of seeing him at the game at all is enough to bring joy and happiness to my little mid-to-late 90′s heart. After all, he is Cincinnati’s sweetheart.

2. The Budweiser Clydesdales.


I know that the Clydesdales are from St. Louis and that I should hate them, but look at how big they are! And look at those hooves! So cute! For me, however, the most exciting thing about seeing the Budweiser Clydesdales is this little guy:


3. This rally towel.

Image(I stole this picture from Twitter.)

I could not be more excited for tonight. I can’t remember exactly where our seats are, but I’ll be tweeting where we’re going to be, so if anyone wants to come say hi and leap in jubilation with me (either before or during the game), send a tweet my way @rockinredlegs.



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How’s that game 3 looking now? Dusty decided to throw away game 4 and our Reds choked it all away in game 5. It has been said a hundred times, a manager will lose you more games than he wins for you. Well, Dusty is heads above the others in the game time managing losing decisions department. Your average couch sitting, “Joe Fan” could lose less games for the Reds than Dusty. I know I sound bitter. I am. I appologize. My excitement and my ability to witness my Reds play DEEP into the postseason was taken away from me by a manager with the urgency of my brother-in-law. There was no sense of postseason intensity. These game were handled like the regular season and that is not the way to win. How can oridnary fans sense decisive moments and scream at their televisions before watching our team crumble under the indecisive moves by our team’s manager? I am sorry for this rant but I needed an outlet for my frustration. I appreciate your blog and the opportunity to post this. Thanks, Mike from Hamilton WOOOOOOO !

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