Can Ya Feel It?

The Reds are officially in the postseason. Is that Sean Connery I see, because I’m feeling a Hunt for Reds October!

In a 5-3 victory over the Chubs yesterday, the Reds swept the series and clinched the Wild Card spot.

This photo turned up in a Google Image search from I can only imagine what kind of handcrafted wonder features such a sophisticated image.

Now, as I tweeted yesterday, I think we can do better than the Wild Card, and the Reds might do just that tonight. Our magic number is 2, and all it takes is a win for the Reds and a loss for the Cardinals on this fateful day to become the 2012 NATIONAL LEAGUE CENTRAL DIVISION CHAMPIONS.

Ok, hear me out here. It just so happens that the most exciting weekend for the Reds is also one of the most unfortunate ones. Although I poked a bit of light-hearted fun at Dusty’s condition yesterday (resulting in a chorus of, “Ehhh, too soon, too soon”s throughout Reds country), it’s really sad that he couldn’t be there yesterday to watch them clinch the Wild Card. Today, Dusty is expected to return to Cincinnati from the hospital in Chicago, but it is not likely that he will be back to work tonight. If I were Dusty, I’d be so sad if I couldn’t be there to watch my team clinch the division. I mean, who’s going to help spray all that champagne?

Part of me hopes that the Reds clinch tomorrow instead of tonight so Dusty can be there to see it. There. I said it. Sure, sure, at game time tomorrow I will be at a wedding and therefore unable to watch the game, but it isn’t about me. I really think that Dusty should be in the dugout when this 2012 Reds team secures their spot in history. I mean, who can forget this:


Don’t get me wrong: if the Reds take the central tonight, the city will be sent into pandemonium, everyone will be psyched out of their minds, and I will be able to be there to experience it (unlike 2010, when being away at stupid college kept me from experiencing the electrified feeling in Cincinnati). But I think it will definitely be bittersweet for the team and Dusty.

So guys, this is happening one way or another. Whether Dusty is there or not, the Reds will be clinching the central division this weekend. And it is going to be so boss.

Here’s a jam for your Friday, in honor of our magic number.


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