Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse…

Oh man. What a terrible sight last night’s game was. Here are some observations:

1. Mat Latos is not a horrible pitcher. The Latos trade was not a mistake or a waste of players. Mat is 24 years old who has had three outings as a Cincinnati Red so far. It appears he does have a little case of the Volquezes in that he gives up a lot of runs early before getting into a groove, but it is way too early to give up on him because, HELLO HE’S ONLY PITCHED THREE GAMES.

2. Brandon Phillips is not feeling well. He’s got a hammy that seems to be malfunctioning. He’s only playing at about 60%, and it shows. Dusty needs to just keep him out for a while longer, because honestly, he’s not doing anything for us right now anyway. Let him get back to 100%. With all that money we just spent on him, we have no business trying to push him before he’s ready because in the long run, that can only do more harm than good.

3. Why aren’t our hitters HITTING? We have a team of great hitters – what’s changed? Two theories: 1. They all have mononucleosis. 2. Someone found a spider in the bag of bats and all of the players now have the heebie jeebies.

4. I don’t remember the last time I saw the bullpen being managed so incoherently. Why isn’t Chapman pitching? Dusty’s excuse for not sending Chapman in on Tuesday night was because he pitched three days ago. Instead, he sends out LeCure and Bray. Who pitched yesterday? LeCure and Bray. If Dusty keeps trying to “save” Chapman, Chapman is never going to get a chance to pitch. Our bullpen is already exhausted and Dusty needs to be using every possible resource at this point.

It’s only been 12 games. It’s not time for the fire sale yet (although the Fox Sports Ohio Ticket Office Takeover sure feels like one), but this team needs to get into shape fast because I don’t know how much longer the fans will give them. The natives are getting restless, so to speak.

Oh, and a word on Reds fans attacking our girl, Dallas Latos, she’s still exponentially hotter than you so shut the hell up.

There’s a cute animal to get you all smiling today. It’s not as bad as it seems, Reds fans.

1 Comment

1) It looks like Latos is just trying way too hard to make the perfect pitch. He needs to relax and be the pitcher he is. It’s like how bad Ludwick looked at the plate till he hit that grand slam. If guys press too much, it ends up backfiring on them.
2) Phillips is a gamer. And either he’s healthy enough to play up to his skill level or he needs to go on the DL till he is healthy. Dusty’s going to run him out there at leadoff or at cleanup, a less than 100% Phillips hurts the lineup at both those spots.
3) Everyone looks to be pressing (except Votto and Cozart). Plus pitchers are always ahead of batters this early in the season. Everyone just needs to tone down the aggression and play within themselves. Hits will come (though I’m worried for Rolen, his age is showing at the dish).
4) I dislike the way Dusty uses the bullpen. He finds a new way to mismanage it every single game. Don’t know what you can do there other than hopefully Price gets in his ear about switches and who will have the most success at any particular point in the game. (It is taxing on the pen not to have set roles – and if it isn’t taxing it’s probably stressful at the least).

It’s stupid for fans to attack Dallas. I think she’s funny on Twitter. She should try to shrug all the idiot comments off, but I know how hard that can be.

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