Opening Day Menu

Yesterday, while waiting for a prescription to be ready at my local Kroger store, I decided to go around and find all of the Reds-related food items I could possibly find.

Also feeding beer to the stuffed Gapper.

Since Opening Day is just a couple of days away (hours, really), don’t forget to head to Kroger to pick up:


It’s the most important meal of the day – what better way to spend it than with your favorite first baseman? Sure, it’s just Honey Nut Cheerios with a drawing of Joey Votto looking like the Raging Bull himself, Jake LaMotta, but who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, it didn’t look like VottO’s were selling very well at my Kroger location.

Queen City Sausage


What you might not be able to see in this photo may also be the most important part of this discussion. The line at the top of the package says, “The Official Mettwurst of the Cincinnati Reds.” I find it odd that the Queen City Sausage company only has claim to the official Mettwurst, but not other types of sausages. Oh well. Good luck finding the official sausage roll of the Cincinnati Reds. We looked all over the store for Reds bread products.

Mission Tortilla Chips


This is my favorite item of the “Official Blank of the Cincinnati Reds” selections that I have for us today. How awesome do these chips look? Not only are the chips red, but there are little baseballs on the bag! Too flippin’ cute, not to mention delicious.

Homemade Brand Ice Cream


Out of all the products I’ve shown you, this is the only one that I actually came home from the store with yesterday. Since Homemade Brand Ice Cream has such a strong relationship with the Reds, it is no surprise that they would have a Reds ice cream. What is surprising is how freaking delicious this ice cream is. It’s very peanut buttery and chocolatey and it tastes like what I’m assuming the clouds in heaven taste like. Do yourselves a favor and go buy some now.

I’m hoping that this article helped you decide what you’ll be eating sometime in the near future and I encourage you to head out to grab some of these great products that help to support Cincinnati Reds baseball!


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