By now, I’m sure you all have heard of Pinterest, right? You might not know what it is or how to use it, but if you’ve checked out a Facebook newsfeed lately, I’m sure you’ve seen “So-and-So pinned ‘Lemonade Cilantro Brownies’” or something ridiculous like that.

I was skeptical about Pinterest at first – I thought that it was unnecessary and full of crap that nobody has time to do. Turns out I was just jealous that I didn’t get an invite. Now that I have a Pinterest account, I’m totally addicted. So, if you haven’t signed up for one yet, I highly suggest you do so, especially if you have one of those jobs where you only do about 40 minutes of work a day and spend the rest of the time playing Boomshine. And trust me, it seems like Pinterest is only for recipes and crafts, but it’s definitely not. You can find lots of fun photos, articles, quotes, and other cool stuff too.

Anyway, here are some of the coolest baseball-related things I’ve found on Pinterest so far (click on the title to learn more):






For more fun baseball ideas, follow me on Pinterest ( and check out my “Baseball Love” board!


I make that pattern of bracelet out of red and white cord! Email me at and I’ll hook up the ladies of Rockin´ Redlegs!

I also have some baseball related fun on Pinterest… am trying to find two Pinterested Reds fans to help with a social networking project. I’ve got a pinboard devoted to each team with the goal of having visual updates after each game of the season–posting 1-3 images the morning after to create a collage/summary of the season. This is my attempt to push Pinterest beyond its boundaries and create new connections. If you have any interest (or know of someone who might), please check in with me to say ‘hi.’

Me? I’m co-author of a Mets blog devoted to making fun of the overly-optimistic headlines about my doomed team:

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