2012 At-Bat Songs

Greetings, Reds fans! Spring Training is in full swing (pun intended) and Opening Day will be here before we know it. Since baseball season is a little over a month away, we’d like to take a minute to address a very pressing and important baseball issue – the 2012 At-Bat songs.

Usually, after attending the first couple of games of the season, we create our own iPod playlists containing all of the at-bat songs and listen to them on our way to games to pump ourselves up for a delightful evening at the ballpark.

Well, last night on one of my many drives from Cincinnati to Ohio University, I fired up my 2011 At-Bat song playlist and it got me speculating on what songs our favorite players will choose this year. Here are some suggestions:

Rack City – Tyga

I have no idea why I want this to be BP’s at-bat song. I just do.

The Motto – Drake & Lil Wayne

For the past few years, Jay has been getting pumped up by Drake and Lil Wayne, so their newest collaboration seems extraordinarily appropriate for Mr. Bruce.

Fire – Jimi Hendrix

Joey seems like a guy who really appreciates a good guitar riff – who better to get him going than Jimi?

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

I hope this song doesn’t go anywhere – this Coldplay ditty is now synonymous with Scooter Rolen.

Cash or Christ – Trip Lee

Last year, Chris used some Christian rap and it worked for him. Here’s another Christian rap song that would probably do an excellent job of motivating Mr. Heisey.

Obviously, these are all just suggestions but we’d definitely like to hear a few of these jams at the ballpark when the season rolls around! Let us know in the comments if there are any other songs you’d like to suggest!

As always, GO REDS!

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From reading an article about a month ago, we know Ludwick’s going to step up with the Beasties’ “Brass Monkey” as his music. I can solidly get behind that choice.

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