My Furry Valentine

This year, my Shorkie is my Valentine.

Hello Baci!

I got him a Valentines’ Day gift yesterday (an adorable little stuffed heart that says, “Puppy Love”) and you can imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find his new toy in the trash.

“Baci!” I said, “What is your Valentines’ Day gift doing in the trash?”

“If you think I want some lame heart for Valentines’ Day, you’re cracked,” Baci replied.*

“I’m sorry. I tried to show you my love the best way I know how. I’ll try to do better next time,” I assured Baci.

“Tina, it’s not too late! Think really hard about what you could get me as a gift. I’m your dog – imagine what you would want someone to get you!” Baci offered.

That’s when it hit me. Baci was right – pets don’t want stupid crap for Valentines’ Day. They want Cincinnati Reds gear. So, here are some Reds pet items you could get your fluffy friends for Valentines’ Day.


To me, this just looks like a Reds pillow, but the internet assures me it’s a dog bed so we’ll go with that. Baci loves his bed (sometimes a little too much, if you know what I mean), so he would only love it more if it were embroidered with the logo of our favorite team.


Normally, if I want to put clothes on Baci, it would take four people and a box of treats to wrestle him into an outfit. However, something tells me he wouldn’t put up a fight to wear this delightfully fashionable Reds jersey.


If your dog isn’t cooperative with the jersey, a bandana is a good substitute. Besides, dogs always look adorable when they wear bandanas.


Baci destroys most of his toys. The stuffed Santa we got him for Christmas now has no legs and all of his tennis balls are shredded. This Cincinnati Reds toy looks pretty indestructible. Combine that with his affinity for ropes and we have Baci’s new favorite!

Well, I think Baci would be pretty happy with these new gift ideas, and it’s not too late to give him the best Valentines’ Day ever!

Don’t forget about your pets this Valentines’ Day, and GO REDS!

*I’m not insane. I know my dog can’t talk, but his eyes said it all.

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Baci can’t talk?
If I stare at Dante long enough, he’ll talk. Usually it’s just the same old stuff “Ruff ruff ruff” or “growl growl growl”, but it’s something!
I totally get destroyed toys though. Penny will tear any soft toy to pieces within days, and Dante likes pulling stringy toys apart. Ropes are not safe in my apartment, balls get ripped apart, and bones get hidden all over the place. I’d really like to find a toy/material that can survive for more than a week between the two of them.

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