Baseball Wine?

Yesterday, our pal Jamie Ramsey started a really funny hashtag on the Twitta, #RedsDrinks. He asked for his followers to throw out some drinks inspired by past and present Reds. We did our own version of this back in the day titled Big League Beverages, but it got me thinking.

Last night, I was at my local wine depot and thought that it would be a great evening for some baseball wine!

I found…

Bicycling wine...

Fishing wine...

Boxing wine...(very Hemingway)

Circus wine???????

Even Lucha libre wine...

But nowhere was there any baseball wine to be found. I was very disappointed to see all of these ridiculously random sports getting homages on wine bottles, but a wine dedicated to America’s pastime was nonexistent.

Granted, I suppose there isn’t much overlap between the wine crowd and the baseball crowd, but there are still some baseball-loving wine enthusiasts!

So, I hit the internet and found absolutely no baseball wines, save some charity wines that featured selections from Ken Griffey, Jr., Hall-of-Famer Barry Larkin, and Homer Bailey. But these wines are no longer available.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is find a baseball-themed wine and I’m having absolutely no luck. So, if you find anything remotely baseball-related and made of grapes, please let me know so I can add it to my collection.

Alright, that’s enough for today. Have a fabulous Saturday and as always, GO REDS!


Yeah, baseball fans are more of the beer family of drinkers. I don’t know this from me (’cause I’m 17), but rather from going to games and coming home on more than one occasion wearing half a beer. Not a fun experience.

Here’s a bottle I have in my collection…

Also, check out two wines made by former ballplayers – both with Reds ties: – Rich Aurilia and Dave Roberts – Tom Seaver

The top of the Seaver bottle features baseball stitching, and Red Stitch of course refers to a baseball.

If you find any others please let me know – I keep looking but with little luck!


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