Hola, Reds fans! How was everyone’s October? I’m sure it was delightful, what with all of the Halloween festivities. Who was something Reds-themed for Halloween? Send us pictures! Angie went as a sexy Scott Rolen.

Anyway, I have just now crawled out from the rock under which I buried myself after the Cards won the World Series. In fact, the first thing I heard when I left my life under the rock was that Tony LaRussa was retiring.

So, we know we’re a little late on some of this, but here is some pictorial commentary (through squirrels) in response to recent Reds and baseball news.

St. Louis Wins the World Series: 

Screaming squirrel

Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto Win Gold Gloves:

Brandon Phillips Winning Silver Slugger and Gold Glove in the same Year:

Matt Maloney Heads to Minnesota:

The Reds Pick Up Brandon Phillips’ Option:

Okay, this post was officially suuuuper idiotic, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway. As I said, I’m out from under my rock, so expect more news soon.


Squirrels, yay!

Wow, I spent the entire World Series hoping that the Rally Squirrel would kick the bucket!


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