Idiotic Musings: The Tuna Can.

This is the first in a new series of Idiotic Musings – the kind of stuff I always say aloud, but never put into writing because it’s so off-the-wall, ridiculous, or just plain dumb. It has been recently brought to my attention that these things are also sometimes funny. We’ll see. The following situations are only possible in the limitless world of my brain.

Everybody knows that catchers just as important as pitchers when it comes to defense. Pitchers tend to get all of the credit for good games or disdain for bad games, but the catchers are almost equally responsible. After all, they are the ones calling the game.

So, wouldn’t it be interesting if baseball not only had pitching changes, but also catching changes? Now, I’m not talking about the simple double-switch. I’m referring to a place in the ballpark where 4 or 5 catchers are on call, and enter the game if the starting catcher begins to struggle.

Well, ladies and gentleman, this would be called the Tuna Can. The Tuna Can is the Bullpen for catchers. Instead of the “Skyline Chili Call to the Bullpen”, we get the “Starkist Call to the Tuna Can.”

Whaddup, big pimp?

And of course, you wouldn’t expect the manager to call the Tuna Can on an average telephone, would you? That would be stupid. No, the Call to the Tuna Can requires a more technologically advanced device than your standard telephone.

Enter the tuna can string phone.

They didn’t have any tuna can phones on Google Images, but you get the gist.

And, imagine the drama that would take place if it became known that a ball club were using Chicken of the Sea cans for their phones, instead of the sponsor’s brand? The Starkist people would not be happy because, after all, they are the Official Tuna of Major League Baseball.*

So anyway, the Tuna Can. Think about it, Selig.

*No they’re not. Not yet, at least.

1 Comment

Forget the sponsorship drama potential, imagine the drama and ensuing news avalanche if Tony LaRussa had to contend with tuna can phones during the World Series. He apparently had enough trouble just with the normal kind, LOL.
For what it’s worth, I wholeheartedly approve of the “Idiotic” musings – very funny! – and hope they will provide much entertainment over the long baseball-less winter.
– Kristen

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