Top 5: Commercials that Need to Go Away

At the beginning of each baseball season, everything is new and exciting, especially the commercials played on FSOhio during the games. After all, who can forget JTM’s epic musical featuring Bronson Arroyo, Chris Welsh, and a single tear?

This season has been one where you never know what you can expect from the Reds. Some of these games have been so dismal that you’d rather watch the commercials than the actual game. Here are Rockin’ Redlegs Top 5 picks for commercials that are overplayed, annoying, or just need to go away.

5. Miller High Life Supports the Troops

I’m all about supporting the troops and veterans, and this is a really good thing that Miller High Life is doing. But if I have to hear that delivery guy shouting about bottle caps and pull tabs one more time at an unidentified sporting event, I’m going to go crazy. The worst part is that awkward dude sitting next to the delivery guy at the very end of the commercial. It makes me so uncomfortable every time.

4. Leinenkugel’s Tribute to Cincinnati

At first, I loved this commercial. I thought, “Hey, that’s awesome! They love the Reds and know about Cincinnati things all the way out there in Chippewa, Wisconsin!” But, after hearing that guy say “foontain squair,” “Moont Lookoot,” and “Moont Adams” a million times, I’m ready for that commercial to be pulled off the air completely.

3. The JTM Chef

We get it. JTM offers quality food solutions for my restaurant, school, or military. The problem is that there is a pretty small market for that – I don’t own a restaurant, school, or military branch. And, out of all the people I do know, only one person actually does own one of those things. Maybe I’d feel differently if the JTM chef were a jacked 6’4″ guy cooking with his shirt off, or if Ramon Hernandez popped in at the end there and ate the food. That’s not the case.

2. Jay Bruce’s Penn Station Commercials

Just buy him some subs!

Speaking of Cincinnati Reds eating food in commercials, I searched high and low to find a video of Penn Station’s most recent genius ad campaign, but unfortunately came up with nothing. For those who haven’t seen it (and I’m sure you have,) there is a series of commercials featuring Jay Bruce awkwardly eating, pimping, and creepily smiling  about Penn Station’s delicious East Coast subs. His generic red ringer tee that simply says, “CINCINNATI” is the icing on top of the awkward cake.

1. Serious Lawyers for Serious Injuries

These Elk and Elk guys are everywhere, and I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love their combovers and I’m sure they’re very competent attorneys, but they also are fuel for my nightmares.

So are there any honorable mentions I’m forgetting?


What about that dreadful Skyline commercial with the Very Scare Rosie Reds, Fuzzy Muppet Red Guy (Heater? Gapper?) and the ghostly Mr. Redleg? The worst part is it still makes me hungry for Skyline, darn it.

Sorry this message isn’t about a commercial that won’t go away, but a commercial I would love to see again. Maybe my wife and I were the only ones to see it, but it was for an Oxygen Supply commercial with Mick Cronin in it. It was one of the funniest commercials ever! The person representing the company with Mick Cronin seemed real nervous and doing this rubbing his thumbs and index fingers together. Then it seemed Mick Cronin started doing the same thing. Did anyone else see this commercial during a Reds game a month or so ago? I’ve done some searches and I can’t find the video, just like the Jay Bruce Penn Station commercials.

Of course, those commercials comprised at least half of the ad time on Reds games. One of the few good things about the season being over. I was always amused by the Leinie’s commercial which name dropped Mt. Adams and Mt. Lookout…like they were on opposite sides of the city and completely different. Also, their amber beer tastes like liquid Fruity Pebbles. The JTM guy was just horrible. “This time I’m making (this popular ethnic cuisine) because it brings (this positive attribute) and that’s what people like”.

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