Before you buy your one-way ticket to Negativetown…

I interrupt my regularly scheduled Friday afternoon Jersey Shore marathon to bring you this message: The Reds aren’t out of it just yet.

We got swept by the Mets – a team that is essentially on the same level of skill as the Reds. I think the Mets series was one that the Reds really needed to win, and should have won, but we can’t dwell. Besides, that loss yesterday was more like a 2010 season loss, not a 2011 season loss. We fought hard and just about came back by scoring a lot of runs. We just didn’t get the win.

We’ve got the San Francisco Giants next, and we haven’t done that terribly against them this year. Besides, have you seen our offense lately? We’ve been hitting and scoring a lot of runs – just not enough. Sure, the Giants are in first place, 2010 World Series Champs, and have some of the best pitching we’ve seen in forever, but I think the Reds might just surprise everyone in this series.

And hey, Brian Wilson is pretty much the least intimidating guy ever without that beard.

The Giants series is not where my optimism is coming from, however. I am looking forward to the six games we have coming up against the Cubs and the Astros. After the season we’ve been having, playing those teams will be like playing against infants. If we can’t put some wins together and make a dent in the standings in those series, THAT’s when we can start to get worried. So, don’t count the Reds out just yet – wait until we face two of the most terrible teams in Major League Baseball, and then see how it works out.

As always, GO REDS!

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Exactly! The Reds aren’t out of it yet. All you FAIR WEATHER FANS can just take a hike. St. Louis always has room for bad fans!

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