SuWoo, Drew.

When we were at the game last night, we learned  that Drew Stubbs changed his at-bat song. When we got home, we listened to the whole song because we liked it, thanks to the line, “Throw your Cincinnati hats in the sky.” The song is called “Red Nation” by Game and Lil Wayne, and we got very excited when we saw the title – is this a catchy rap song about Cincinnati?

Warning: Explicit Lyrics

Blood, I’m a dog, call me a Bloodhound
Throwin’ Blood in the air, leave Blood on the ground. 

No. No, it’s not. It’s a love letter to the Bloods. I have something to tell you but I’m not quite sure how. I’ll just come right out and say it. Drew Stubbs is a Blood.*  Who knew a professional baseball player from Texas would have such a strong street gang affiliation? Be careful, Drew.

*He’s most likely not a Blood at all.

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