Reds Roundtable on Blog Red Machine

Our pals over at Blog Red Machine are downright geniuses. They have organized the first official Reds Roundtable, where a group of us Reds bloggers have gathered to share our opinions on varying topics – NL Central, the All-Star Game, and (what else) the Cincinnati Reds. Here’s the first installment of the roundtable – check it out!

“Welcome to BRM’s inaugural Reds Round Table for Reds bloggers. I hope all Reds fans will enjoy the next few days as we gather some Reds bloggers and “chat” a little about baseball.

“You might be wondering why I conceived this idea of gathering Reds bloggers onto one blog and talking a little baseball. Seems like a different concept, I know, but I do have two reasons for this. One is that I hope this event will be done by all Reds blogs in some form. The Reds blogging community is a tight one and this will only strengthen that.

“Second is built on the first. There are readers of BRM that may not read Red Reporter. Readers of Big Red Redemption may not even know BRM exists. And those that peruse Rockin’ Redlegs may not be aware of the other mentioned. Believe it or not, these statements could all be true. This Round Table will hopefully provide all Reds fans a chance to experience those.

“Now, on with the quick intros and Q&A…” >> Keep Reading


Thanks for the link and kind words! We really appreciate you taking time to participate!

Wow! Congratulations! Tonight your second basemen proved to the world he’s the biggest asshole alive. The walkoff homer is not what I’m mad about, our closer made a horrible pitch. I’m mad that from what it looked like ur “generous and sweet and amazingly kind second basemen yelled “Fuck u” at the Cardinals dugout on his way around the bases. If that’s true, He’s the biggest jerk and asshole on the baseball planet. Grow up will ya!!!!

This particular post has nothing to do with the Cardinals and I’d appreciate it if you kept your comments relevant. If you’re looking to pick a fight, look elsewhere. Thanks for reading – every time you log on, it counts as a page view that helps to keep us as the #4 MLB fan blog! As always, GO REDS!

I’m not looking to pick a fight, truly I am not, and u guys do have a great blog I’ll admit. I’ll also say it again, I RESPECT the Reds, I don’t like them,same way u guys don’t us. But I do respect the Reds, that is except for Brandon Phillips. I still do not see why u guys like him so much, I know u met him and everything and he’s all sweet and whatever. But for some reason he hates the Cardinals with all his heart.I mean what did we ever do to him? His comments from last year are pretty much the ONLY reason the Cards and Reds has become a bitter rivalry. So all I’m saying is yes, u guys have a great blog and the Reds are good. But you guys need to find a way to keep Brandon Phillips’ mouth shut. Before he says something else completely stupid.

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