Jesus Hates the Yankees

This was something I saw written on a car that drove past us on the bridge as we left the game tonight, and while we don’t think we can speak to who Jesus loves or hates, we can at least say that we hate the Yankees.

Rivera? Really? What did the Reds ever do to you, Girardi?

Tonight, I attended the Reds-Yankees game at Great American Ballpark as a gift from my mom for my 22nd birthday (coming up on June 22!). Thanks to Mama Redlegs for such a great gift. It wasn’t mom’s fault, and I’m very grateful to her, but this game was the absolute worst game I’ve ever attended in all my years of going to Reds games.

First off, we were surrounded by ignorant Yankees fans, who I’m sure only are Yankees fans because they don’t know that any other baseball teams exist. Travis Wood had an awful first inning, which is pretty uncharacteristic of Wood. If only he had gone a few more innings before giving up some runs, it might have been different. Finally, I will never understand the logic behind putting Edgar Renteria in instead of Hanigan there at the end. Of all the guys Dusty could have put in, he put the absolute worst player on the team. Cairo could’ve tied that game no problem.

Miguel Cairo Thirdbaseman Miguel Cairo #43 of the Cincinnati Reds protests a call at third with third base umpire Greg Gibson #53 in the first inning during the MLB game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium on June 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
I can do it! Just let me!

It’s getting tough to stay positive. Sure, it’s interleague play and everyone knows that interleague play is horrible, but the Redlegs seriously need to start getting consistent. I’m not sure whose blog I read this on (maybe Twitter, I’m not sure), but whoever said it was right – we have no idea if we have a good team or not because we can’t maintain any sort of consistency.

So, here’s my attempt at optimism in the face of adversity – the 1976 Cincinnati Reds finished with a 102-60 record. As long as we win the rest of our games except for 24, we can still be as great as the Big Red Machine. While this is highly unlikely, all that Reds fans can do is keep believing. While the game tonight didn’t turn out how we wanted it to, the energy at GABP was spectacular, especially in the 9th. So please, if you consider yourself a Reds fan, go to as many games as you can and scream your head off the entire time. The guys will appreciate it more than you know.

Let’s get this going again!

Let’s get ‘em tomorrow, and as always, GO REDS!



As another ‘Red’ team I can definitely confirm that Jesus Hates the Yankees. In fact, I believe the Holy Trinity has recognized San Diego as their offical team, however they have a non-interference policy and therefore the Padres are screwed since it looks only God can turn them around.

And no, you probably didn’t witness the worst game you’ve ever seen (your young and have a lot of sh!tty games left to see) but it seemed that way because it was played against the Evil Empire. Nothing brings out extreme pride or shame like beating or being beaten by the Pinstripes.

And yes, a majority of the Yankees fans outside of the greater NY Metropolitan area are indeed ignorant… because they are fashion savvy and wear the hat they feel they are entitled to the feeling of entitlement being a genuine Bronx Zoo fan brings. Many of them probably wouldn’t know Brett Gardner from James Garner. You’re a true Reds fan so bask in the glory of the Kryptonian sun and remember… they are sheep.

Besides, you’re birthday will be arriving and the series isn’t over yet.

If Jesus hates the Yankees then why did he let them win 27 World Series?

27 Titles? Oh that would have been because of great ownership (early and late in the century), great management, scouting and the ability to beat up on anyone.

Plus there was that pact with Satan which Ban Johnson, The Colonel and Babe Ruth made way back in 1919 when Johnson began his quest to make Manhattan the center of the American League universe.

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