Batters Blast Bombs, Brutally Beat Baby Bears

Sometimes, I think I should be a fortune teller. As mentioned in We Meet Again, Cubs., a rusty Matt Garza gave up a handful of runs, our pitching was tight, and we got our batters to produce like no other.

“I haven’t been this upset since I read ‘The Bell Jar’.”

Tonight was a night of unlikely heroes – Drew Stubbs, Jonny Gomes, Mike Leake, and Goose Janish all had extraordinary nights, so we’re going to highlight the stars of the game.

Jonny Gomes

The slumping Jonny Gomes, in his own words, has been “working his butt off.” He knows that his spot is in jeopardy, and tonight was proof that he’s really trying to get back into the swing of things (pun intended). Jonny was the hero of tonight’s game, driving in a season high four runs, including a three-run jack to basically secure the win. After Jonny’s homer, The Cowboy said something to the effect of, “I don’t care who you are – you have got to be happy for Jonny Gomes.” It was his first home run since May 16th, and something that was absolutely necessary for Jonny. We’re really proud of him, and even if you aren’t a Jonny fan, you have to be too.

Drew Stubbs

Drew is the one who broke the 1-1 tie tonight, and we’re really happy he did. Drew has been in a little slump of his own, and although it hasn’t been quite as severe as Jonny’s, it’s exciting to watch Drew produce the way he should be producing. We hope that Stubbs continues to grow into the power hitter we know he is capable of being.

Mike Leake

How good has this guy been? Since getting pushed out of the starting rotation, bombing as a bullpenner, and getting sent to the Minors for the first time ever, Mike Leake said, “Hey weiners, look what I can do! Send me to the Minors again, I dare you.” Leake pitched eight innings tonight, giving up 2 runs and 10 hits. He picked up the W and proved to the organization that he should have never been out of the starting rotation in the first place.

Paul Janish

The Reds’ own little prankster has been defensively incredible lately. In the beginning of the season, we decided that Paul Janish should be the Reds’ next Gold Glove winner, but lately, we didn’t see him playing that way. However, in the past few games, Paul seems to have hit his stride. He’s made some excellent defensive plays recently, and we think that if Dusty doesn’t realize what an asset Paul Janish is to this infield, he needs to have his hat resized.

Tomorrow, we have Edinson Volquez to look forward to, and we think it will be great. Although he didn’t do very well at all before he went to Louisville, sometimes guys need to go to Louisville to get back to where they should be. It will be exciting to see him pitch, and hopefully he can keep things tight.

We’re sure that the Cubs are going to leave Cincinnati, once again, very sad.

As always, GO REDS!

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