Rest in Peace

It is with great sadness that the Rockin’ Redlegs crew announces the death of one of the most important icons of the Cincinnati Reds. He helped to bring the Reds to many victories in 2010, being a star player both on and off the field. He was present when the Reds clinched their first playoff spot in 15 years in 2010 and endured a rough end to the season as the team got swept by the Phillies in three games of the National League Division Series. After a long winter, he reemerged at Spring Training ready to contribute all he possibly could to the team. When the Reds started off the amazing 2011 season, he helped as much as he could by giving fans and other players something to look forward to at the games. Rockin’ Redlegs learned tonight of his passing and could not be more upset at such news.

He was a fan favorite, and many young children looked up to and emulated him. He was always bringing joy to those who spotted him, whether he was seen from the Terrace Outfield or the Kroger Bleachers at Great American Ballpark. The crowd constantly erupted with joy whenever he was shown on the scoreboard. He was always perfectly styled, and even has a Facebook page dedicated to him. Although he is gone, he will never be forgotten and we hope that someday, he may return from the dead to bring more happiness to his fans.

So, Rest in Peace, Jonny Gomes’ Mohawk. We know that you’re in a better place now, living happily in that big barbershop in the sky where you are free to roam around and are never confined to life under a ball cap or batting helmet. There are no hats in heaven. We will remember you always.

You will be missed, Mohawk.

Read the official story here.

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