Brandon Phillips: Coolest Guy Ever (Part II)

When he’s not busy making jaw-dropping plays like this one, Brandon Phillips spends his free time being the most awesome dude on Earth. The Rockin’ Redlegs crew were fortunate enough to spend this past weekend with Brandon in Chicago. You can read Part I here or learn how it all happened here.


When we awoke on Saturday morning, we still couldn’t believe where we were, what we were doing, or what events had transpired in the past 24 hours. We had seen the Redlegs win in one of the most historic baseball stadiums in the United States. We spent the evening eating and joking around with the All-Star, Gold Glove Second Baseman of the Cincinnati Reds. We interacted with players we once only dreamed of spotting at the grocery store. We were Brandon Phillips’ entourage, and that was only the first day. We began Saturday anew with tons of excitement running through our systems, speculating what kind of amazing experiences were in store for the rest of the weekend. We quickly got dressed and hopped on the train for Wrigley Field. It was cold, wet, and rainy, but the weather couldn’t dampen our spirits! When we got to the ballpark, we took our seats next to Joey Votto’s family, and watched the Redlegs unfortunately fall to the Cubs, but hey, it happens.

When the team returned to the hotel, we met up with Brandon who expressed his excitement to take us out to eat again. He made reservations for somewhere, but he wouldn’t tell us where he was taking us. We all went upstairs and freshened up and took off for our dinner at a mystery location. We arrived at the restaurant, called Japonais, which was easily the nicest restaurant any of us youngsters have ever been to. Conde Nast Traveler named Japonais one of the top 66 restaurants in the world, and it definitely deserves the distinction. Japonais was incredibly swank and we were definitely underdressed, but Brandon made us feel completely at ease and comfortable. We spent dinner eating some of the most astonishing culinary creations any of us have ever laid eyes on, but even though the restaurant was very upscale, we still joked around and acted crazy like we have been all weekend. Brandon took off his shirt to show us his tattoos, giving us a glance at The Chain. Brandon is one of the most humble people we’ve ever met, so it was no surprise that he concealed his all-diamond chain with a diamond-encrusted #4 Phillips jersey, but we almost died when he let us wear it.

One of our spectacular dishes at Japonais. You cook the meat on the rock!

Angie wearing The Chain.
After dinner, we took a Hummer limo to Walgreens (Brandon had to get some more milk) and then back to the hotel. We clowned around in the limo, with Brandon insulting my lack of skills at picking appropriate music for a Hummer limo ride. When we got back to the hotel, we spent some more tine in the lobby, singing and dancing. Mikey taught Brandon how to “Move Like Bernie” and we tried to convince him to make “Movin’ Like Bernie” one of his at-bat songs. Eventually, we parted ways – Brandon went up to his room so that Dusty didn’t have to come down to the lobby “in his drawers” to yell at all the players for them to get in bed. We went to the bar in the hotel, where we spotted Coco Cordero drinking his troubles away after his blown save. We actually went and hung out with Coco, who is a super cool guy and did not seem to be in terrible spirits after his pitching lost the game. He’s super nice and even showed us videos of his little son playing baseball. It was very cute and very fun. We drank with Coco until last call, when we all went up to bed, exhausted from such a fun day.
Clowns in the limo.
The RR girls in the hotel bar with Coco Cordero.
On Sunday, we all packed up our things and knew that our fabulous weekend would soon be coming to a close. We met Brandon in the lobby before he left for the game, who told us to meet him after the game so we could all say goodbye. We went to Wrigley for the last time, becoming old pros at the Train-Will Call-Field Box routine. It was cold, but sunny, and we watched the Reds grab a 2-0 shutout victory in Johnny Cueto’s 2011 pitching debut. With sadness, we met Brandon after the game and said our thank yous and goodbyes, not wanting to believe that it was over. We expressed to Brandon that we’d like to host him at our house for dinner sometime and he joked, saying that he would come if Dad was cooking, but not if Mom was. We hugged him goodbye and, just like that, Brandon was on the bus to the airport and our weekend was over.
It was one of the coolest experiences any of us has ever had and the memories that we made with Brandon and the Reds will be with us forever. Brandon is truly a one-of-a-kind person and a class act and we are very lucky to have gotten to know him over this past weekend. Thanks to Brandon Phillips for giving the Rockin’ Redlegs crew and family something to remember forever. Oh, and GO REDS!

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