A Dream Come True

Yesterday, I received the best news of my life. I (Tina) won Brandon Phillips’ Twitter contest. The prize? A trip to Chicago to see the Reds play the Cubs at Wrigley Field from May 6-8. So how’d it happen? Let me tell you.

I was in the kitchen pouring  some milk into a Cincinnati Reds glass, when Angie shouted from the other room to name some desserts. I didn’t really pay much attention until our mom and our brother, Mike, asked why she was so eager to have a list of desserts. She said that Brandon Phillips had tweeted his question for his contest, which was “What is my favorite dessert?” Being a big follower of @DatDudeBP, I knew that he was having his contest that night, but I didn’t think I would be able to ever guess what his favorite dessert might be, so I didn’t think much about it. However, I logged onto Twitter, went back about a month in his tweets, and scanned for any possible clues. I saw that someone had tweeted about giving him his favorite, Krispy Kreme donuts, so I tweeted him my guess, hoping it might be correct. I second-guessed myself, thinking that he probably considers those to be a breakfast food, but there I sat on Twitter, waiting for him to announce a winner. He tweeted that he had a winner, along with this photo:

But, he still hadn’t tweeted who the winner was! We sat there waiting for him to tweet the name of the winner, but I was having a difficult time loading Twitter. Then, I heard Angie gasp, saying “Tina! You won!” I was finally able to see the tweets, and found this: “Congrats to @thetinacis for winning the contest! Hope you have a great time in Chitown with me and the Reds! #ALLREADY” I flipped out. I was so excited. Then, I got a direct message from him congratulating me. I replied, thanking him and asking him for details. His response, “What’s your number so I can call?” I responded with my phone number, and about a minute later, I was on the phone with Brandon Phillips. And let me tell you, hearing his voice on the phone is about a million times better than hearing it on TV. We were on the phone for five minutes, talking about how everything was going to go down in Chicago. He told me that he was going to put me up in the same hotel the Reds are staying in, that he would leave tickets for me for each game, and that I could bring as many people as I wanted, so of course, I told him I was going to be bringing my family. He then said that he would be in touch further through Twitter, but basically all we had to do was to show up at the hotel and he would take care of the rest.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity, a fantastic time, great material for Rockin’ Redlegs, and best of all, one of the greatest experiences of my life. Thanks so much to #4, Brandon Phillips. Now, I just have to think about what we’re going to talk about when we’re out to dinner. Any suggestions?


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