Spotted! Celebrities Representing the Reds

While the only celebrities that are really important to us are the members of the Cincinnati Reds organization, there are a good number of famous people that are really important to everyone else in the world. So, what could be better than spotting A-List celebrities representing the Reds? Here are a few famous people showing off their Reds gear!

1. Lil Wayne

Weezy has been photographed on many different occasions sporting a C Reds hat. We all know Jay Bruce is a fan of Lil Wayne because of his at-bat song selections, but we now know that the feeling is mutual.

2. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen might have gone completely off the deep end, but he’s still right about one thing: the Reds are awesome. Maybe the Reds need a little bit of Charlie’s tiger blood to keep WINNING.

3. George Clooney

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres really wanted George to be on her show, and the only way she was able to convince him to show up was to enlist the greatest baseball players alive, Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan. When George heard that Johnny and Joe would be there, George couldn’t resist. This is proof that Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan can do ANYTHING, and we now love George Clooney that much more knowing that he’s a Reds fan.

4. David Beckham

David Beckham was once spotted wearing a Cincinnati Reds hat, and apparently got a lot of guff about it because he was representing Cincinnati instead of LA. The UK Daily Mail ran a story about it saying, “Admittedly the Reds play baseball, but this fashion faux pas is equivalent to a Newcastle fan wearing a rugby shirt from London.” We won’t even pretend to know what that means, but we think Becks looks great.

5. YC

YC is an up-and-coming rapper whose newest single, “Racks” is actually being used by Brandon Phillips as one of his multiple at-bat songs. We definitely think his Reds C tattoo definitely has something to do with it.  And as an added bonus, YC is from Atlanta – anyone who chooses to be a Reds fan over a Braves fan is good in our book.

6. Ted from How I Met Your Mother

We just love this show, so when we spotted Ted wearing a t-shirt with the Cleveland Indian surrounded by the Reds C, we had to include it. The character is originally from Cleveland, so if he reps Cincinnati along with our Ohio rival, we’ll take it.

7. Justin Bieber

We didn’t even want to include the Boy Wonder of pop in this list. When Bieber appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, our lovely mayor offered a gift of a Cincinnati Reds hat to Justin. Justin refused to wear it and passed it off to Jimmy Kimmel, angering Reds fans and Cincinnatians everywhere. I guess losing his Cincinnati fans was not something the Biebs wanted to risk, so he was eventually spotted wearing the hat. I haven’t been convinced, but in the interest of fairness, we included him.


Careful of rappers wearing a Reds hat. Also trademark apparel of the Crips gang!

That logo is actually just a flat out Indians logo, which was used for a period of time in their history. The logo (complete with the C and Chief Wahoo) is popularly sold on apparel.

I am not sure if that is a good thing that some of these people wore the gear LOL Very nice to see though.

omg what did you said? :D rappers whose wear Reds cap are from Crips gang? hhhhh :D u must be blind! Crips wear blue color, M.O.B’s Blood members wear Reds caps because it means “Crab killer” & cap have red color ,if member of Crips puts Reds cap on his head, his homeboyz can kill him for wrong colors …Bloods call Crips “Crabs” on the other hand Crips call Bloods “Slobs” so stop write this shit on the internet!

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