Five days to go. Here is a high-five from #5.


See ya tomorrow. Go Reds!

Six: A Numbers Game

Today, to commemorate six days until the start of the season, I will give you six six-related Reds facts.

1. Bryan Price’s birthday is in June, the sixth month of the year. His birthday is June 22, which is also my birthday. What do you think the chances are of Skip and I getting a picture together at the game on our birthdays? His total birthdate is 6/22/62 so that’s kinda fun, all those twos and sixes.

2. There are only 4 players on the current active roster who are listed as being under 6′ tall. They are Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Brayan Pena, and Skip Schumaker.

3. Billy Hamilton, who wears #6, is in good company. Other players to wear #6 include Drew Stubbs, Ryan Freel, and Ron Gant. Unfortunately, only one Reds team to win the World Series had a player who wore #6 – it was Bill Baker in 1940.

4. Game 6 of the 1975 World Series between the Reds and the Red Sox was named #1 of MLB’s 20 Greatest Games. The Reds lost the game, but guess how many runs they scored? 6.

5. Pete Rose had a short-lived reality show on TLC. The one season only lasted six episodes. Its rating on IMDB? 6/10 stars. You can also watch the first episode on TLC on Opening Day, March 31. The episode will air at…6:00 am.

6. Six players on the current active roster are listed as throwing left-handed. Six. Left.

See you tomorrow for 5.

Go Reds!

One Week!

Hi, Reds fans! It’s been a very long time with no see. I hope you have all been doing well and have had the most delightful offseason! Things have been all over the place on our end – I was busy with grad school in the summer, got two new jobs in the fall, enjoyed a very blessed and fun holiday season this winter, and unfortunately just recently lost our beloved grandmother this month. To top it all off, my full-time teaching job has been wildly busy, and I am moving into a new (well, different – not new) home the say after opening day. So it is safe to say that I could not be more ready for the beautiful distraction and escape that is baseball season!

Anyway, as busy as my offseason has been, things have been absolutely insane during the wintertime and Spring Training for the Reds as well. I don’t even know where to begin covering all the small moves, big moves, and, as of late, the outrageous number of injuries plaguing our guys. I mean, we do still have enough guys for an active roster, don’t we?

So basically, I just wanted to pop in to say hi, tell you what’s been up, and let you guys know that I’ll be sticking with ya through the week leading up to Opening Day and beyond! Can’t wait to have a great season with y’all!

Go Reds!

Homer’s Odyssey

The Sequel. Two in 10 Months. No-no. You all know what happened last night. You don’t need me to tell you. So instead, here are some commemorative goodies.

First we have “Bad Luck Bruce”:


Here’s Bruce Wayne:


There’s this, which combines my two favorite things. (Thanks, the Zoo!)


Homer congratulating Homer:


And my new Facebook profile picture:


“Hey, where’d you get those cool seat belt wraps?!”

Hey guys, it’s Angie! I am very lucky to be bringing this post to everyone today. Earlier today, I got in my very first wreck. I was driving back from Cincinnati to Athens to go work for my internship with the Southern Ohio Copperheads. While I was driving, my back left tire blew out and as I was slowing down to pull over I heard an unsettling sound which I believe made me lose control of my car which caused me to spin through the median and hit a road sign. The sign shattered my passenger window, tore off my bumper and completely tore up the underside of my car. I didn’t get any injuries but I was extremely shaken up. Through this experience I encountered many nice people who help me out. I first came in contact with State Trooper Chamblin who asked for my statement. I was sitting in the cop car and he asked me if I was a Reds fan. Of course, my response was “Oh, I’m a huge Reds fan!” He asked if I watched the games on Fox Sports Ohio to which I replied “Yes!” He then asked if I had seen the commercial for the seat belt wraps. I asked him if he was the officer in the commercial and sure enough he was! I told him I would have to write about my experience today and that I would have to get a seat belt wrap for my new car. A day filled with terrifying events was made slightly better when I encountered some Reds fans along the way! Huge thank yous to Trooper Chamblin, Larry from Larry’s Towing and Service Center in Peebles, Ohio, and the kind couple who saw me wreck and stopped to see if I was okay. I am thankful to be alive today and thankful for the people I listed above!

Remember to wear your seat belts and drive safely and as always, GO REDS!

XOXO Angie:)


Jay Bruce Can’t Hit a Single

Wow guys, I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve blogged. YIKES. I’ve been kind of busy since grad school started, and I celebrated my birthday, AND I’m going out of town for Ohio Brew Week tomorrow, so I’ve had a lot going on. Also, it doesn’t help that the Reds haven’t really been doing anything that is worth talking about : (  : (  : (  : (

But, I just wanted to check in and share this thing from Buzzfeed. Poor Jay Bruce.

Oh, also BRANDON PHILLIPS HAD A BABY! CONGRATS BP! But don’t you think it’s a weird coincidence that his baby mama is Coco Crisp’s sister and they just happen to be playing in Oakland? *insert Twilight Zone music here*

Link Love and Lookalikes

Good afternoon, Reds fans! I hope you all survived the storms this morning and had all of your hatches battened down. My cable is currently out, so I’m hoping that Time Warner gets it together in time for the Reds game – don’t they know we’re about to complete a 4-game sweep?! 

Image“Why are we so bad?”

I wanted to share a few links today, so let’s get started.

Vottoshop Wednesday

My girl, Porky Miller, and I collaborated on this week’s edition of #VottoshopWednesday. We did movies about the Reds, and here is my personal favorite: ImageClick “Vottoshop Wednesday” up there to see more!


Joey Votto’s sick behind-the-back throw to first from earlier in the week made it onto Buzzfeed. Check it out!

C. Trent’s BP GIF

I just love GIFs, and ones of Brandon Phillips making spectacular plays quickly make it to the top of my list. Here’s my photo of Dusty imitating BP’s grab, inappropriately titled “Superman Dat Hoe” because who doesn’t remember Crank Dat by Soulja Boy? I heard that song about 7 million times a day during my entire Freshman year of college.

ImageThe links portion of today’s post is now over. Let’s move onto a lookalike.

Jay Bruce lost some weight in the offseason, and I’m just getting around to telling you all that his new bod makes him look like Scott “Lord” Disick from the Kardashians. 

ImageOk guys, that’s it for me for today because Homer is snoring and it’s so cute I feel like I need to die.



Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

When I brought home baby Homer, I proceeded with rose-colored optimism that having a new dog meant that I would have a new best friend. I expected my baby dog to be interested in all of the same things as me, because he wouldn’t know any better. I shouted from the rafters (read: my blog) that Homer is the newest Reds fan in my family. The thing is that in the nine days Homer has been my son, he has not demonstrated any enthusiasm in the Reds. He sleeps through every single game. He hasn’t shown interest in Brandon Phillips, and the only thing he can be bothered to do during games is drink water, ask to go pee, and sleep. Sometimes, if I cheer really loudly for a run, he’ll wake up. Instead of being excited, however, he’ll look at me like I ripped off his ear and go back to sleep. 

This got me thinking. Have we, as Reds fans and pet owners, been incorrectly assuming that our pets are interested in baseball at all? What if dogs don’t even like baseball? I put a call out to my Twitter followers to send me pictures of their dogs being uninterested in baseball, and I got some great ones.

First, though, here are several pictures of sleeping Homer. (In all fairness, Homer is still a baby and sleeps quite a bit, but you’d think that if he’s able to stay awake whining in his crate for 5 hours a night, he’d be able to keep his eyes open for the American Pastime.) 


ImageHere’s Rosie, courtesy of @forresteram:

ImageImage@ennywithaG’s handsome sleeper:

ImageImageElvis, happily ignoring the game from @e_wesselman:

ImageBubba, doing goodness knows what, and being surly about the Cubs thanks to @BgRedRedemption: 

ImageImageAn enthusiastic pup in Reds gear from @Bartlett8284:Image@tarana007′s adorable Walter:

ImageLook at this enthusiastic guy from @brgjr88:

ImageGriffin, who tries to watch the game with @semidden, but doesn’t do a great job:

Image@jchrishendricks’ Ruby and Bailey who are both interested in anything but the game:

ImageImage@Weesie’s napping Casey:

ImageChloe is clearly not as interested in the game as her mom, @RedsChick14:

Image@lisabraun’s darling Larkin is SO EXCITED, while Cole is under the couch:Image

Desmond, courtesy of @LoriS526, is dreaming of way better things than the Reds:Image

You guys might recognize mom’s dog, Baci from @trainingnan:Image

Here are @ashdawn32′s sleeping babies:Image

@cmarsee3′s fluffy, uninterested pup:ImageA less-than-excited Tara from @bsturner:Image

A million thank-you’s to everyone who made this post possible (and their unenthusiastic doggies)! This was the most fun I’ve ever had while writing a post, and I definitely could not have done it without you!








Do It For the Babies

Well guys, looks like my baby Homer is not very good luck for the Redlegs. I’m hoping that once he’s potty trained, I’ll be able to teach him to focus on sending positive doggie energy to the Reds, but one thing at a time.

The Reds lost the series to Colorado this week, and there’s not even really anything good to say about it. The pitching was just not there. After Homer Bailey gave up 3 runs in the first on Tuesday, he pitched pretty well, but we couldn’t hang on to the lead.

Speaking of Tuesday, I have to mention something that I observed at that game. It doesn’t happen very often, but I was actually ashamed of some Reds fans that evening. The guy who caught the game-winning home run ball was sitting in our section, and the catch was placed under review. After the umps called it good, you would not believe the amount of people just acting deplorably toward their fellow fan for catching the ball and giving it to his son. There was yelling, inappropriate gestures, and general poor sportsmanship. I understand that the Reds fans are there to see a win, but to lash out at a fellow fan for catching a home run ball is just embarrassing. I was so ashamed by our fellow fans that I had to leave the section for a few minutes until everyone settled down. Honestly guys, it was an early June game. It’s not like it was a playoff game or anything, so pipe the hell down and be happy for the little boy who has a game-winning home run ball from a Major League Baseball game. How many of you can say you have the same?

In other news, Brandon Phillips is expected to be back to face the Cards tomorrow! He was out for a few games after being hit by a pitch, and apparently he couldn’t be happier to be returning. I guess according to reports, he’s been eating all the food everywhere because he hasn’t had anything better to do. Classic Brandon.

Speaking of the Cards series, you know who else will be back? Yadi “Thug Life” Molina. He dropped his appeal, and served his one game suspension last night, so I’m guessing that he’ll be in rare form for the weekend series.

I’m exited to see how the weekend pans out. It would be really sweet if we could sweep the birds and make some progress towards first place. I really hope it works out that way, but more than that, Baby Homer hopes it will work out that way because all babies deserve to see their team in first place.


He wants the Reds to do it for the babies.

Ok, gotta go! Do something awesome with the off day! GO REDS!

Introducing Our New Mascot!

Rockin’ Redlegs has a new official mascot! Guys, meet Homer:


Homer is a Carlin Pinscher, which is the fancy name for a pug/miniature pinscher mix, and he’s just wonderful. He’s only supposed to be between 12 and 15 pounds, and he’s 12 pounds now, so he shouldn’t get much bigger. I am in love with my new son, and I hope you all are ready to see plenty of pictures of him all the time. And in case you’re wondering, he’s named after a home run, the Greek poet, and just a little bit after Homer Bailey.


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